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Marlene von Dewitz DeMontford







Arden von Dewitz, 1915-2004, Internationally known multi-talented artist and foremost painting master of the twentieth century, Gold Metal Award recipient for his outstanding artistic versatility from Italy, and his works are in Museums and Preeminent Collections throughout the World. Von Dewitz painted the Historical Bunker Hill Collection of 25 paintings depicting the early Los Angeles Victorian era, and he was the artistic creator that inspired the dwarfs used in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

His Viking heritage and creative genius can be seen through his color in his translucent marines, warm sunsets, reflecting moonlights, artistic landscapes, rustic barn scenes, vivid florals, realistic still life's, and captivating American Indian portraits. Von Dewitz’s modern art is beyond the realm of reality and imagination that are depicted in his abstract paintings. He continued his dream to paint until 1987 when he was stricken with Parkinson's disease that impaired his ability to create and paint, which was his life.  (Click: “Art Collection Portfolios” site box above, and Click: each of the 5 “Art Gallery” site pages on the left).
Arden von Dewitz was born in New York City in 1915, son of Baron Hrolf von Dewitz of Denmark and Valda Valkyrien, Premier Danseuse of the Royal Danish Ballet, New York Hall of Fame and Fox Studios Silent Screen Star.  (Click: “Artist Heritage & Photos” site box above).  Von Dewitz is survived by his only child; Marlene von Dewitz DeMontford (who is also the only Grandchild of Valda Valkyrien and Baron Hrolf von Dewitz) and her two daughters (his Granddaughters); Gigi Kristine Nelson and Mimi Nicole Christensen, and their six children (his Great Grandchildren). 
It was clear that he was gifted at an early age and knew he wanted to be an artist, by age three as he carried his paint box on the cobblestone streets of Copenhagen where he was raised.  When his birth parents divorced in 1919 (Click: “Artist Heritage & Photos” site box above), he was adopted by his stepfather, Albert T. Otto of New York, NY and was known as and created art under his adopted name, Arden Otto.  He completed studies at Soro Academy of Art in Denmark, and in California at the Stickney School of Art, Ottis Art Institute, and Parsons School of Art. 
At age 18 he created watercolor drawings of little dwarfs with little wooden shoes and submitted them to Walt Disney to show his creativity and sense of color, two years later Disney released "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" with little dwarfs in stocking type shoes.  He then joined the Army, and upon completion, resided in Southern California.  After his stepfather's death in 1957 he reclaimed his birth name, Arden von Dewitz.
Von Dewitz was the first television artist instructor for "Guideline" and "Scope" weekly series produced by ABC-TV, and the first television artist instructor for "Steps in Learning" series produced by CBS-TV.  (Click: “Artist Publicity Photos” site box above).
The U.S. Navy and the Coast Guard selected von Dewitz as the Official Combat Artist for the Pacific Fleet.
He created art instruction books; "Red Barns and Other Scenes", "How to Paint Rocks and Surf", and "A Fun Book on Acrylic Painting" that were distributed world wide by Walter Foster Publications in addition to his prints that were distributed world wide.  (Click: “Artist Art Books & Photos” site box above).
Von Dewitz had on-location art classes throughout the world in addition to being an art instructor for Laguna Beach School of Art, Marymount College, and the Los Angeles Board of Education.
Arden von Dewitz was the creator of the Historical "Bunker Hill Art Collection" of 25 original oil paintings.  This forever gone era of Los Angeles was captured and painted on location between 1951 and 1962. It included the "Angels Flight" Funicular, the city streets, and the Victorian homes and gardens of that nostalgic era as depicted in the Historical Bunker Hill Art Collection.  (Click: “Bunker Hill Collection page 1, page 2, and page 3” site boxes above).  Also, Bunker Hill Collection Page 2 and 3 depict Grand Ave then as opposed to today on Bunker Hill, where along Grand Avenue across the street from the Disney Concert Hall, “Bunker Hill’s Broad Museum” is being built by billionaire Eli Broad.

Von Dewitz also created several other one of a kind Art Collections as seen in Art Collection Portfolios above:  (Click: "Art Collection Portfolios" site box above, plus each of the 9 other site boxes above, and Click each of the: “Art Gallery” site pages on the left).

United States Navy Museum, painting "Destroyer", Washington D.C.
Laguna Beach Museum of Art, paintings "Spirits and Ghosts" and "Winter Storm", CA.
California State Capital Museum, painting "White Thunder", Sacramento, CA.
Hans der Kunst Museum, painting "Do Your Thing", Munich, Germany.
President Ronald Reagan Collection, painting "Riding High", Los Angeles, CA.
Signal Oil Collection, painting "Big Sur", Los Angeles, CA.
National Cash Register Collection, painting "Paradise Cove", Los Angeles, CA.
Matson Lines Collection, painting "Papeete Tahiti", San Francisco, CA.
Pacific Far East Collection, painting "Moonlight Sea", San Francisco, CA.
Many Other Prominent Collections Throughout the World.
Melbourne Exhibition, "Creative South Sea Paintings", Melbourne, Australia.
Auckland One-Man Show, South Sea Paintings, Auckland, New Zealand.
U. S. Navy West Coast Premier, "Operation Palette", Los Angeles, CA.
Los Angeles City Hall Rotunda One-Man Show, "Bunker Hill Collection", Los Angeles, CA.
Waldorf Astoria, "Southern California Noted Artist", New York City, NY.
World Tour Exhibition, S.S. Monterey One-Man Show, Matson Lines, San Francisco, CA.
Gold Metal Award, Academia Italia della Artie e del Lavoro, Paroma, Italy.
U.S. Navy and Coast Guard Artist Award, U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, Washington D.C.
Golden Palette Award, Grumbacher, New York City, NY.
California Purchase Award, First Place, Sacramento, CA.
Los Angeles All City Award, Gold Metal, Los Angeles, CA.
Selected by the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard as Official Combat Artist for the Pacific Fleet.
Life Member Laguna Beach Museum of Art, Laguna Beach, CA.
Judge California State Fair Art Exposition, Sacramento, CA.
Judge Barnsdall Art Festival and other Major Art Exhibitions, Los Angeles, CA.
International Who's Who in Art and Antiques, Cambridge, England.
International Who's Who of Intellectuals, Cambridge, England.
Notable Americans of the Bicentennial Era, Raleigh, NC.
Who's Who in American, Chicago, IL.
National Social Directory, New York City, NY.
"Red Barns and Other Scenes", by A. von Dewitz, Walter Foster Publications,
Los Angeles, CA.
"How to Paint Rocks and Surf", by A. von Dewitz, Walter Foster Publications,
Los Angeles, CA.
"A Fun Book on Acrylic Painting", by A. von Dewitz, Walter Foster Publications,
Los Angeles, CA.
American Artist Magazine (multiple issues), published in New York, NY.
"Prize Winning Art Book", (pictorial Article), M. Harold Publications, New York, NY.
"Creative Color", (book cover and pictorial article), W. Guptill Publications, New York, NY.
"Palette Talk", Art Painting Magazine, Grumbacher Publications, New York, NY.
"Guideline" and "Scope" series, 18 half-hour educational art shows, produced by ABC-TV.
"Steps in Learning" series, Los Angeles Board of Education shows, produced by CBS-TV.
Television Talk Show, "Guest Personality", produced worldwide.
Taught Marine and Landscape Art Classes, Laguna Beach School of Art, Laguna Beach, CA.
Taught Anatomy and Life Drawing Classes, Marymount College, Los Angeles, CA.
Pastel, Acrylic, Oil and Water Color Art Classes, Los Angeles Board of Education, Los Angeles, CA.
Taught annual week-long Advanced Painting Classes, Carmel-Monterey, CA.
Taught On-Location Painting Classes, Southern California.

Video showing versatility of Arden von Dewitz
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